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The Science Museum of Long Island offers after school workshops every month for four different age groups: Kindergarten, Grades 1 & 2, Grades 3 & 4, and Grades 5 and up.  All programs require pre-registration.  For each topic, workshops meet for several sessions on the same day of the week.  Topics change periodically, and enrollment is for one topic only.  Pick your child’s favorite topic or enroll for more than one.  Enroll soon! Space is limited to 15 participants per session.

2013-2014 Schedule

Kindergarten - Mondays 4pm-5pm

Amazing Animal Adventures
September 9, 16, 23

Meet some of our furry friends at the museum and trek through the preserve on the hunt fo our local species of animals. Learn about habitats and the lives of animals from across the globe.

Dig it!
October 7, 21, 28

Are you ready? Can you dig it? Explore the world of archaeologists and paleontologists whose job is to dig into the lives of ancient animals (dinosaurs!) and people. Visit our paleontology lab and go on an archaeological dig on the preserve.

Happy Herpetology
November 4, 18, 25

"Herps", another name for reptiles and amphibians, can be scaly, slimy, slinky and sneaky, but we here at the museum think of them as simply stupendous. Meet our collection of reptiles and amphibians and see why for yourself.

The Natural Night
December 2, 9, 16

While humans sleep, the great outdoors wakes up in glory. Learn about nature at night, the stars and astronomical sky above us and nocturnal animals. Visit our indoor planetarium and listen to mythological stories about why night-time exists in the first place.

Music Music Music!
January 6, 13, 27

Make your own instruments while learning what makes your favorite instrument work. Discover the vibrations behind every sound you make and discover styles of music from other countries and cultures.

Chaotic Chemistry
February 3, 10, 24

Join us as we perform strange and startling experiments using our museum Chemistry lab. Each experiment will astound, amaze and astounish, while teaching the fundamentals of Chemistry and scientific inquiry.

Race You To The Top!?
March 10, 17, 24

Ever wanted to build and race your own car? How about a boat? Maybe a plane suits your style? Build these and more, while learning about transporation and joining us in our After School Championship Derby. Start your engines!

The Magnificent Marsh
March 31 & April 7, 28

Get ready for an exciting and epic trek to our multiple marshes and wetlands located at the Science Museum. Bring your boots, we may get muddy!

May 5, 13, 19

Come help the museum garden while learning all you need in order to start your own! Meet our compost pile, learn how to care for a plant and hunt for worms.

Beach Bonanza
June 2, 9, 16

Off to the beach we go! Join us as we comb the beachfront looking for creatures big and small. We will discover, fish, crabs, clams and mussels just to name to few. zone.

Grades 1 & 2 - Tuesdays 4pm-5pm

Exceptional Ecosytems
September 10, 17, 24

Trek out on the 36 acre preserve in search of the most radical habitats and ecosystems Long Island has to offer. Discovr life outdoors in a places you'd never believe. Meet our furry friendly animal friends from the museum.

October 8, 15, 22

Get ready to channel your inner Indiana Jones! Discover the unearthed past of the Leeds Pond Preserve and explore ancient cultures from around the world while learning the duties of a real archaeologist.

Cold Blooded Critters
November 5, 12, 19

Learn all about reptiles, amphibians, and cold blooded creatures that may not be as different from you or I as you'd think. Meet our scaly and slimy companions here in our reptile room at the museum and hunt for lizards on the grounds of the museum.

Forest Ecology
December 3, 10, 17

Hike across our entire forest while learning the basics of ecology and how the forest works. Turn over logs on a decomposer hunt (worms, salamanders, and bugs) and join us on a stakeout to see the many different birds that inhabit our preserve.

The Sound of Music
January 7, 14, 21

Build your own instrument and explore the good vibrations behind your favorite music. Listen to music from around the world and learn how humans, animals, and even plants communicate with sound.

Bang! Pop! Fizz!
February 4, 11, 25

Join us for a month dedicated to crazy and chaotic chemistry. Explore our chemistry lab, learn about the building blocks of life, and mix your own (safe and supervised) chemical concoctions. Make things POP! with chemistry.

Let's Go Places
March 11, 18, 25

Build your own plane, boat, and race car in this month long exploration of transportation. Race your creations with the rest of the class in the Science Museum of Long Island's first annual After School Championship, and learn about different methods of transport.

Marsh Mucking
April 1, 8, 22

Get yer' boots on for an epic trek into the salt marsh. Explore this wet, smelly, and amazing ecosystem that's teeming with life large and small.

Groovy Gardeners
May 6, 13, 20

Growing food in one's own backyard has never been easier. Learn how to create and tend to a garden, learn how to start your own compost pile, and help plant a new garden at the Science Museum.

To The Beach
June 3, 10, 17

Explore the shoreline of Manhasset Bay, hunt for critters big and small, and maybe even get your feet wet. Learn why the beach can be such a hard place to live for its native residents. To the beach we go!

Grades 3 & 4 - Wednesdays 4pm-5pm

Ecological Escape
September 11, 18, 25

Spend your afternoons exploring Leeds Pond Preserve! Discover all the habitats found here including the forest, wetlands and pond. Learn about plants and animals that make these places their home and even meet a few.

3..2..1..Blast Off!
October 9, 16, 23

Test out your engineering abilities and create your very own model rocket. We will discuss how thrust and aerodynamics play a role in how our rockets travel.

Where's your Backbone?
November 6, 13, 20

Learn about the wonderful group of animals known as invertebrates These creatures may not have backbones, but their complex life cycles will surprise you. Explore their anatomy via dissections and observing live specimens.

A Taste of Science
December 4, 11, 18

Satisfy your hunger for knowledge. Using edible ingredients, you will build models, perform chemical experiments, and more. Please notify teacher if your child has food restrictions or allergies.

Abiotic Adventures
January 8, 15, 22

Study the non-living component of ecosystems, and the crucial roles they play. Learn about the water cycle and carbon cycle and how they affect the living parts of their environment. Create your own crystal gardens using various minerals.

On the Case
February 5, 12, 26

Explore the field of forensic science and participate in solving different cases. Utilizing the power of observation and careful collection of evidence, we can narrow our suspects down and discover the real criminal!

Carnival Science
March 12, 19, 26

Ever wonder how some carnival games are so difficult to win? Learn the secrets behind classic carnival games and become an expert at winning them! Use your knowledge to create some carnival games of your own.

Junior Archeologist
April 2, 9, 23

Come discover the past of Long Island and the people that lived here. Trek through Leeds Pond Preserve like a true archeologist. By studying found artifacts we can piece together how the Native Americans that resided here lived their lives.

Spring Gardening
May 7, 14, 21

Enjoy the rewarding experience of raising your own plants. Get your hands dirty and learn about the life cycle and complex relationships of different plants. Test different fertilizers and learn what plants truly need to survive.

Down by the Bay
June 4, 11, 18

Join us on a trip to Manhasset Bay and learn about the dynamic environment of the inter-tidal zone. Use dip nets and seine nets to catch different critters that inhabit the bay. Come prepared to get wet and spend time out in the sun.

Grades 5 & up - Thursdays 4pm-5pm

The Great Outdoors
September 12, 19, 26

Are you ready for an adventure? Come to this workshop to see if you can survive the great outdoors. Learn about nature as well as how to make a fire, seek shelter, purify water and find food.

Scientific Inquiry
October 10, 17, 24

Scientists use specific skills to solve problems. Come and learn what it takes to be a scientist. You will learn about tools scientists use and how they conduct experiments..

The Changing Earth
November 7, 14, 21

The planet is constantly being pushed, pulled, lifted, and broken down. Discover how these forces cause rocks to form, volcanoes to erupt, and Earthquakes that shake.

Fun with Physics
December 5, 12, 19

Ever wonder why you feel weight less at the top of a roller coaster? Unleash your inner Isaac Newton as we explore the world around us. Learn about energy, motion, forces, and more. The Ph stands for phun!

Genetics and Heredity
January 9, 16, 23

All the traits that make you, you come from your Genetics. We will explore the basics of genetics, DNA, and how traits are passed down. Come see DNA, learn about clones and mutants, and even create a unique creature.

If you build it, they will come
February 6, 13, 27

Test your mechanical skills as we explore constructions and engineering projects. Build a bridge, learn about circuits and even build a robot.

Chemical RXN
March 13, 20, 27

Interactions between chemicals seem almost magical and driven by unseen forces. Delve into the mysteries and power held in everyday materials. Be prepared to see chemicals change color, change their state, explode with force and create new and unusual substances. Each experiment will demonstrate how chemistry applies to your daily life.

The Incredible Human Machine
April 3, 10, 24

The human body is amazing and complex. We will take an indepth look at the complexity of the human body and how it works.

Animal Adaptation
May 8, 15, 22

Sharp teeth, claws, fur, big Ears; these are just a few things animals have to help them survive. Explore a wide variety of animals and how they adapt to the environment they live in and even meet some live animals.

Independent Research
June 5, 12, 19

Unleash your inner scientist. This is your chance to explore a topic in scientist that interests you. Choose your own experiment, work at your own pace, and utilize our laboratory.