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Horseshoe Crab Research

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Attention Junior Explorers Club…….Your research project on the the Leeds Pond Preserve will be posted and updated through this blog on a periodic basis.

The latest project of tracking the breeding activity, nesting sites and egg development of the horseshoe crab has been successful. If you are planning to visit the site on your own, please stop in to the Science Museum to borrow the GPS device. The nests are currently 6-8 inches below the last recorded depth. Many of the site markers have been removed or buried. The GPS is the only means of identifying your site.

If you wish to locate and track more sites, please get in touch with Dave. Thus far, breeding and nesting locations for the HS crab is down dramatically. Keep your telsons crossed for a successful hatching!

Conference for Kids - Plastics and Polymers

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

For several years, the Science Museum of Long Island has participated in the Nassau BOCES Conference for Kids. This year I brought the museum’s Plastics and Polymers program to the three-day event. Personally, it was an exciting opportunity to be a Teacher at a BOCES event where I was once a student.

For those that attended and wanted to know where they could get the last super absorbent polymer we used, here is the link I promised: Insta-Snow

-”Miss Melissa”