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SMART Board @ SMLI - Dino Links

Friday, July 18th, 2008

One of the most exciting recent additions to SMLI is our brand new SMART Board. This summer, the staff has been incorporating sessions with this learning tool into each group’s weekly schedule.

Our “Land of the Lost” (Dino Week) campers have requested access to some of the internet links we’ve used throughout the week. As the kids know, these links work on a computer just the same as they do a SMART Board– you just have to use a mouse instead of your hands. Here they are!

Dinosaur Planet Explore different dinosaurs in 360 degree views, compare size, and watch how paleontologists believe the dinos moved - from the Discovery Channel.

Who Dung It? and other games A short quiz searching for the “poopetrator” that made the coprolite and other fun prehistoric activities from the BBC.

Real or Make Believe A quiz comparing truth and fiction in storybooks from Scholastic.

Walking with the Beasts Camouflage game, Jigsaw bone puzzles from the BBC.

Practice Dig Unearth fossils and create a virtual jacket with this realistic interactive from the Smithsonian. A great introduction to the work of a paleontologist.