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Water Water Everywhere!

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

There’s a brand-new program here at the Science Museum: WATER WATER EVERYWHERE. Presented through a generous grant from the Manhasset Bay Protection Committee, WATER WATER EVERYWHERE is a hands-on learning experience for fifth through eighth grade students. Offered FREE OF CHARGE to all school districts within the 19 different communities comprising the 9,947-acre land area of Manhasset Bay Area’s watershed,  WATER WATER EVERYWHERE lets students explore the natural course of storm water and water run-off in the local environment. By means of a field experience and classroom lab experiments lasting about two hours, this program will present the various connections between local residential areas, Leeds Pond, and Manhasset Bay, as well as why these connections are so important.   

WATER WATER EVERYWHERE consists of an outdoor hike, following the path of storm water as it passes through local discharge areas and along Leeds Pond, all the way to Manhasset Bay itself. Examination of local flora and fauna found along the hike will be included, as well as discussions of the ecological role they play. Common byproducts of human interference, such as phosphate-related Eutrophication, will be explained. At the conclusion of this program, water samples taken throughout the hike will be tested by students for such concerns as pollution levels, dissolved oxygen content, and salinity. Vocabulary relevant to the topic will also be addressed throughout the program.

Teachers, this interactive program fits in well with any Life Science, Earth Science, or Physical Science curriculum. We at the Museum are more than willing to help customize the Water Water Everywhere program to your curriculum’s specific needs. Please contact Marisa Puglisi (516 627-9400 extension 15) at the Science Museum of Long Island to book a program. Programs are offered outdoors, RAIN OR SHINE, October through December.