A Report from the Head Groundskeeper

June 19th, 2009 by Ray Dzierzawski

As spring returned to the Science Museum, our grounds crew and many friends and volunteers began to help the preserve get itself into shape. Many of our nature trails have been given a fresh layer of wood chips and our beach has had an extensive clean up.

This spring, the grounds of the museum have witnessed life renewing itself. Many Robins, Starlings and Sparrows have been nesting and raising their young in and around the buildings on the property.  Several baby rabbits have been spotted at different ends of the property, a pair of Osprey has been nesting on the beach and Terns have also been discovered protecting their nest on the beach.  Recently a large snapping turtle came up from Leeds Pond to lay its eggs on some higher, drier ground.  Snowy Egrets, Night Herons, Blue Herons and Redtail Hawks are common sights as well as our many cute, little Italian Wall Lizards. We are also hoping some bats will move into the new bat house installed on the south side of the museum to help control the mosquitoes this summer.

This spring also included the use of our property for the production of the film “A Little Help” starring Jenna Fischer, Chris O’Donnell, Ron Leibman and Leslie Ann Down.  A funeral scene was shot on our property, after the lawn was transformed into a temporary cemetery set.  All this added a little extra fun and excitement to the grounds this spring.

The Science Museum has begun a recycling program to reduce the amount of plastic and glass that is being thrown away with its regular trash.  Orange recycling containers are located through out the museum; please place your empty cans and bottles into these and help us to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are all looking forward to the beginning of summer camp and hope that everyone will enjoy the property and help to keep it clean.

Special thanks to Daniel, Mike and Nick for all their hard work spreading wood chips and to Meryl, Gerard, Eric, Billy, Andrew and Nicholas for all they have done in the museum and around the grounds with us this past school year.     

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