Caterpillar and Chrysalis Overload!!!

May 5th, 2009 by Jennifer Spina

The Science Museum has an abundance of Painted Lady caterpillars and chrysalises.  (Some of the caterpillars have entered the pupa stage.)  

WANTED:  A loving, caring environment to nurture the growth of these butterflies.  Don’t worry, all you have to do is watch!

If you are interested in taking one or many (up to 30) developing butterflies, stop by the Museum between the hours of 8AM and 4PM Monday-Friday.  You will be provided with a calendar and care sheet.  If you have any questions, contact the Teachers’ Office at (516) 627-9400 extension 14.   This is a first come, first serve offer.

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2 Responses to “Caterpillar and Chrysalis Overload!!!”

  1. Melissa Kipp Says:

    We’ve received a few messages, but were unable to reach the interested parties when we returned phone calls. If you are interested in picking up caterpillars, feel free to stop by the museum tomorrow before 4pm or Friday before 5pm.

  2. Melissa Kipp Says:

    Goodbye, caterpillars! Thanks to all of the people who stopped by to adopt a caterpillar.

    There are no more caterpillars, but we do have a few chrysalises left. They should be turning into butterflies any day now. Leave a comment or stop by tomorrow between 8 and 4 if you’d like to pick one up!

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