Lilly Goes Buggy

May 15th, 2009 by Melissa Kipp

One of my students from an April Holiday Workshop emailed the museum with a gracious thank you note and pictures.  Lilly was a participant in the “Going Buggy” program, one of our three-hour workshops available on days schools are closed.  During the program, we created terrariums, learned the difference between insects and spiders, went on a bug-hunt, and discovered what makes butterflies special.  At the end of class, all of the children received their own caterpillar to take home and watch as it metamorphosed into a butterfly.  Here’s Lilly with her butterfly, and a close-up of the creature after emerging from the chrysalis.

In the close-up of the butterfly, you can also see what is left of the chrysalis in the top left corner, and the meconium, a waste product from the larval stage that looks like blood.

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