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Children ages three and up are welcome to join SMLI on their days off from school! Sign up for one of our holiday workshops, where children enjoy hours of fun at the Science Museum! Each day's activities are based on a specific theme. Children participate in experiments, create crafts, and watch demonstrations during holiday workshops. Pre-registration is required. Please bring lunch for half hour break. Nursery children enjoy extra play time breaks throughout the day.

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2014 - 2015 Workshops

Seas the Day
Thursday, September 25
Rosh Hashanah
Manhasset Bay is like a second home to the museum. Explore the inter-tidal zone and study the adaptations of the creatures that live there. Using seine and dip nets you may even find some on your own!
Amazing Autumn
Friday, September 26
Rosh Hashanah

Fall into fall with us. Enjoy the outdoors before winters chill rolls in. Collect and preserve some beautiful autumn leaves and create a birdfeeder to help prepare our local birds for their upcoming migration!

Pioneering Spirit
Monday, October 13
Columbus Day
Learn about life's true necessities and spend a day away from the modern world. Put your survival skills to the test as you build a shelter, learn how to find clean water and gather materials for the perfect campfire.
Ancient Adventures
Tuesday, November 4
Election Day
Take a trip back in time with us and explore the wonders that lie in our planet's history. From digging for dinosaur bones to investigating ancient civilizations, we will uncover the earth's amazing past.
Candy Chemistry
Tuesday, November 11
Veteran's Day
Who knew candy is just as scientific as it is delicious? Discover the process behind candy's main ingredient: sugar. Learn about different types of chocolate and create a delicious lollipop of your own.
Detectives on the Case
Monday, December 22
Holiday Recess
Are you ready to test your detective skills? Learn how to collect fingerprints, discover hidden messages, and more. You and your fellow forensics scientists will work together to solve a mystery here at the Museum.
Construction Junction
Tuesday, December 23
Holiday Recess
Calling all junior engineers! Do you have what it takes to create the strongest bridge, or build the tallest tower? Expand your building skills and construct some amazing structures in this intense hands-on workshop.
Winter Wonderland
Wednesday, December 24
Holiday Recess
While the weather outside may be frightful, here at SMLI it's quite delightful! Enjoy the snowy season with us as we investigate different kinds of snowflakes, make our own crystals, and even create some colorful snow indoors!
Out of this World
Monday, December 29
Holiday Recess
3, 2, 1...Blast Off! Take a trip into earth's atmosphere and beyond as you learn about all the wonders of space. Visit our star lab, take a walk amongst the planets, and watch rockets take off right before your eyes.
Edible Science
Tuesday, December 30
Holiday Recess
Are you hungry for science? Join us for a day filled with delicious experiments and creations. Using various ingredients, create your own edible dirt and enjoy a snack, astronaut style.
Incredible Human Machine
Wednesday, December 31
Holiday Recess
Discover how powerful and amazing the human mind can be. Find out about the inner workings of the body and test your brain's abilities through fun games. Explore your five senses and observe some mind-boggling optical illusions.
Paws & Claws
Friday, January 2
Holiday Recess
Explore the amazing diversity of the Animal Kingdom. Learn about mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and more as you meet some of the live animals from the Museum's collection. Compete in our new annual event: The Hissing-Cockroach Grand Prix.
Attracted to Science
Monday, January 19
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Investigate the science behind electricity, magnets, sound, and more. Learn about the power behind these invisible forces and see how they affect the world around us.
Operation Conservation
Monday, February 16
Winter Recess
It is easy being green! Join your fellow environmentalists for a day filled with eco-friendly activities, crafts and more. Learn about the importance of recycling and other ways you can help make our planet better.
Maple Sugaring
Tuesday, February 17
Winter Recess
Join us as we kick off the start of maple sugaring season! See how sap from a tree is collected and learn how farmers transform it into the delicious maple syrup we all love. Pancakes not included.
Candy Chemistry
Wedensday, February 18
Winter Recess
Who knew candy is just as scientific as it is delicious? Discover the process behind candy's main ingredient: sugar. Learn about different types of chocolate and create a delicious lollipop of your own.
Young Scientist
Thursday, February 19
Winter Recess
Do you know what it takes to be a good scientist? Improve your fundamental skills as you master the scientific method, measure and mix chemicals with perfect proportions, and practice using a variety of scientific instruments in our lab.
Strange Science
Friday, February 20
Winter Recess
Science holds many mysteries just waiting to be discovered. Create your own slimy concoctions, make liquids change color, and uncover the secrets behind bubbles. It may seem strange, but it's all science!
Spring into Action
Monday, April 6
Spring Recess
Join us as we celebrate the return of green grass, chirping birds, and sunny skies. Enter our egg-drop challenge and dye some eggs of your own. It's bound to be an EGG-Citing day!
Biological Bonaza
Tuesday, April 7
Spring Recess
See how all living things interact with one another in the environment. Discover how animals, plants, and soil need each other to create a happy, balanced ecosystem. Learn about the anatomy of different species and even dissect one!
A Gneiss Day for Science
Wednesday, April 8
Spring Recess
Investigate the wonders of what our planet is made of. Create your own volcano, attempt our tsunami challenge, and learn that even rocks...can change.
The Art of Science
Thursday, April 9
Spring Recess
Combine your love of science and art in this crafty workshop. Make your own geological jewelry, hand-dip your very own candle and transform a bandana with tie-dye. You'll have plenty of wonderful things to take home to show off to family and friends.
Walk the Plank
Friday, April 10
Spring Recess
Arrgh Mateys! If the life of a pirate be the only life for you, hop aboard! Improve yer' navigation skills using compasses, GPS, and maps to find ye' some buried treasure. Build a seaworthy vessel and sail it through treacherous waters. But beware the Kraken...