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Outreach Pricing
Outreaches are priced
differently than programs
taught at the museum.
The prices below are in
lieu of varying prices listed
next to program titles.

1 Session—  $200
2 Sessions– $350
3 Sessions– $450
4 Sessions– $575
5 Sessions– $650

Please note:
1 Session only available

* Denotes programs available for OUTREACH.

** Denotes programs
available for OUTREACH
except from
Nov. 15 to Apr. 1.

There is a mileage fee of $50 to certain areas.
Programs are 50-60 minutes unless otherwise noted.
Bubble Physics Grades: 3-6 Fee: $150
  Through experiments, discover many “fun facts” about bubbles while learning the principles of surface tension, capillarity, and fluid dynamics. Try your hand at making a “super” bubble.
Buoyancy Grades: 1-4 Fee: $150*
  Experiment with the principles of sinking and floating by using seeds, clay and plenty of water. As a final test, design and construct a cargo boat and test its ability to float.
Electricity Grades: 2-6 Fee: $150*
  By experimenting with batteries, bulbs and wires, learn the basics of electricity and circuitry. Explore the world of static electricity as you try to use your own body as a conductor. This program is a real shocker!
Forces and Motion Grades: 3-6 Fee: $150*
  Discover how Newton’s laws govern how things move. See the effects of drag, lift, gravity, and kinetic & potential energies as you work with hands-on materials.
Forensic Science Grades: 3-6 Fee: $150
  Learn how to lift and examine fingerprints. Perform chemical tests on blood samples in order to compare a suspect's blood with collected samples. Study hair samples and test saliva to help gather evidence in order to solve a crime.
Good Vibrations Grades: 1-4 Fee: $150*
  Explore the world of sound. Through hands-on experiments and demonstrations, discover the variety of ways sound can be produced and how it travels through air and water.
Kitchen Chemistry Grades: 1-6 Fee: $150
  Using common household materials, enter the world of chemical reactions. Discover the differences between an acid and a base using an indicator.  By the end of class you will be able to cause a reaction that explodes!
Light, Lenses and Lasers Grades: 4-6 Fee: $150*
  Learn how light bounces, bends, and disappears.  Watch as you see colors and rainbows appear as you refract light and understand how color is seen.  Discover how laser light can be manipulated with mirrors.
Lunch Box Chemistry Grades: 3-6 Fee: $150
  Discover the chemical truth of what is really in your lunch box. Students will perform chemical tests to see if the foods we eat are as nutritious as our bodies need.
Magnets Grades: 1-4 Fee: $150*
  Find out the big attraction with magnets as you discover the power within the magnetic field. Experiment with magnets of all sizes. Discover the biggest magnet of them all!
Measure Your Way Grades: 2-6 Fee: $150*
  Discover what temperature, volume, and length are. Learn to measure using a thermometer, graduated cylinder, and ruler all in metric units. Predict your answers before doing the actual measurements.
The Scientific Method Grades: 3-6 Fee: $150
  The scientific method is another way of thinking. Using various steps, learn to formulate a hypothesis, test the results and come to a final conclusion. By the end of this program, solve the mystery of the mixed up powders.
Simple Machines Grades: 3-4 Fee: $150
  Learn how our lives are made easier by using levers, inclined planes, screws, pulleys, wheels, and wedges.  Through experimentation and hands-on stations, examine how the force needed to do your work is decreased with a little help from simple machines.
Slime, Goo & Ooze Grades:1-4 Fee: $160*
  Learn the basics of mixing solutions and forming plastics. Students will explore the exciting world of chemistry. By the end of class, each student will have made blobs of goo and handfuls of slime they can take home.
Stand By Me Grades:4-6 Fee: $150*
  Explore the world of structures as you construct columns and bridges of ordinary paper. Test the design to see if the structures can defy destructive forces or if it will fall to the ground.

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